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All items relate in some way to XP781. Dates covered: 1978-Present

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First Midas brochure?

Publication date c1979. Variation on other potential first Midas brochure

Midas brochure

Circa 1981 - It is to the 80's what the Lotus Elan was to the 60's

Motor - 021278

Feature on Midas and Richard Oakes the Midas designer

Cosmic wheels advert - 1st March 1979

First wheels used on XP781 were Cosmic Rolla-4 otherwise known as MKIV.
Cosmic wheels advert from 1979. Shows Original, Rolla-4, Five-O, Supersix, Supersix Hi-Face and Supersix

Cars and Car Conversions (CCC) Performance car show - 9th-17th December 1978

Location Alexandra Palace. First public outing for XP781. One month before road registered.

The Amazing Mini book - Peter Filby - 1981

XP781 featured within Alternative Mini section

Motor magazine - 280479

Peter Filby looks at kit cars. XP781 photo along with Midas information

Cars and Car Conversions magazine article on kit car market - 010779

Midas XP781 featured in studio shot. Midas cars mentioned.

Picture of XP781 at a car show.

Date unknown 100%, but believed 10th June 1979 at National Kit Car and International Marcos rally at Donington Park circuit in Derbyshire. Any further information on this picture appreciated
Mini Midas at 1979 Marcos International Rally that included 3rd National Kit Car Rally

Midas cars feature - Alternative Cars - Issue 1 - 1979

XL781 pictured with Midas cars feature

Midas MKI brochure

Believed first brochure design from September 1979. Includes detailed information on "A" and "B" kits
Midas Bronze MKI brochure-Cover

Alternative Cars magazine - Winter 1979

XP781 featured picture in Midas cars summary

Midas cars feature - Autovisie magazine - March 1980

Features XP781 with early mirrors

Motor magazine - 220380

Peter Filby piece on Midas Cars. XP781 pictured
The Filby Files-CNC297T-JEH 448V-Motor-220380

Midas cars advert - Alternative Cars Magazine - Summer 1980

Features XP781 with glass hatch open

Alternative Cars magazine - Summer 1980

Midas cars and Harold Dermott interview feature. XP781 pictured
Talking Point-Midas-XP781-Harold-Dermott-Alternative-Cars-Summer-1980

Midas cars feature - Cars and Car Conversions magazine - November 1980

"The Midas Touch" - Russell Bulgin roadtests XP781. Note: Picture of XP781 with bonnet up was reversed on publication as shown by engine detail, badge and tax disc on "wrong" side.
The Midas Touch-XP781-Cars-and-Cars-Conversions-CCC-011180

Midas cars advert - Alternative Cars magazine - Winter 1980

Features XP781 as wheels prove
Midas advert-XP781-Alternative Cars-Winter-1980

Midas MK1 brochure - 1980

Harold Dermott pictured in driving seat of XP781


XP781, driven by journalist Russell Bulgin, competed on this date. Time recorded 50.40 seconds.

Cars and Car Conversions magazine - August 1981

Russell Bulgin races XP781 at Shelsley Walsh hill climb - 310581

Shelsley-Walsh Speed Hill Climb program cover - 090881

XP781 was entered but none started for reasons unknown.
Midas XP781-Shelsley-Walsh-hillclimb-090881

Midas cars advert - Alternative Cars - August and September 1981

Features XP781 sporting later, Renault 14, wing mirrors. Midas MK2 mentioned

Motorfair program - October 21-31 1981

Midas exhibited on ground floor/stand J1

Alternative Cars Catalogue - Summer 1982

XP781 featured picture in Midas cars summary

Evening Post article - Midas, Marcos and Caterham have joint Motor Stand - 251082

Stand under banner of British Specialist Car Association

Midas cars advertise XP781 for sale circa November 1988

Do you know magazine this advert was placed in?

Midas cars forum magazine - 010109

XP781 front cover featured. Alternative Cars Harold Dermott interview reprint inside

Marcos and Midas club magazines - Winter 2018 and Spring 2019

XP781 features at NEC Classic Car Show - November 2018 - Placed next to Gordon Murray's mid-engined Alfa Midas

Midas car club meeting - 210719

XP781 centre stage at the meeting
Midas club meeting - 210719

Saddleworth Independent - August 2019

Greenfield factory visit promotion - Correct date is Saturday 31st August 2019

Midas adverts

Selection of Midas adverts from February 1979 to July 1984

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A large selection of Marcos adverts

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