A prototype car and the first Midas

Harold Dermott was the driving force behind the car and working with designer Richard Oakes. XP781, was the first car registered for road use.
  • Midas is born 1st January 1977

    Midas design conceived and testing begins.

    Harold Dermott and his brother formed D&H Fibreglass Techniques (D&H) in 1975. Initially, the company continued producing the Mini Marcos […]

  • Initial press view 2nd December 1978

    XP781 – Sneak preview at the Greenfield factory

    Peter Filby, writing for Motor magazine (2nd December 1978 issue), had a “sneak preview” of XP781 at the Greenfield factory. […]

  • XP781 hits the road 10th January 1979

    XP781 – Registered in UK as CNC 297T

    First owner believed to be D&H Fibreglass Techniques Ltd. Address would have been the factory at Heybottom Mill, Oakview Road, […]

  • 10th June 1979

    XP781 appears at Marcos Club event – Donington (1979)

    Door locks fitted, but still sporting built in mirrors. Pictures have a few interesting details, if you are a Midas […]

  • XP781 features in first brochure 1st September 1979

    The first Midas brochure is created

    XP781 is only vehicle featured in the brochure which can be viewed by clicking link below. Midas-Bronze-MKI-brochure-010979-WEB

  • Motor magazine test a couple of Midas cars 22nd March 1980

    XP781 first road test

    Peter Filby picks up where he left off with sneak preview and road tests XP781, registered as CNC 297T, and […]

  • 8th June 1980

    XP781 appears at Marcos Club event – Donington (1980)

    Mini Marcos/Midas XP781 appears at Marcos Club Donington show for second time. Door mirrors have been changed for Renault 14 […]

  • CCC - The Midas Touch - Roadtest 1st November 1980

    Russell Bulgin, Midas feature, in Cars and Car Conversions magazine

    A visit to the factory and XP781 road tested. CCC – Russell Bulgin – The Midas Touch feature

  • Colour change around this date 1st January 1983
  • A new company is formed 7th July 1983

    XP781 ownership transfers to Midas Cars Ltd

    Midas Cars Ltd is formed. Ownership of XP781 transfers to new company and address being Midas Cars Ltd, St Lukes […]

  • Trevor Dixon buys the first Midas. 7th November 1988
  • A colour change 1st January 1993
  • Ownership changes once more 27th July 2019

    XP781 ownership changes once more

    Ownership changes and a restoration begins.

Changes to XP781 through the years

A detailed account of changes made to XP781

Door locks

XP781 went from no door locks to door lock on drivers side by June 1979.

Wing mirrors

By Summer 1980 wing mirrors were changed to from bespoke to Renault 14 type

Rear side windows

XP781 went from opening side windows to closed by 31st May 1981

Rear side louvres

XP781 went through a variety of versions

Wheel types

XP781 started on Cosmic alloys, went to Wopalloy Minilite copies and then to another version of Cosmic alloys

Window winder

Initially a modified Triumph TR7 fuel cap was used (!) and was then changed to a conventional type. The only known car to in effect carry two spare fuel caps.

Body change as MK2 development car

Front area of car and bonnet changed by Midas to MK2 version

Colour changes

Originally red, onwards to MK2 burgundy and then Trevor Dixon blue

Front bumper is unique to XP781

Front bumper has a deeper lower centre section than subsequent cars.

Dual rear number plate lights

Subsequently became a single center item.

No bonnet blister

Most Midas had a blister added to bonnet to prevent oil cap hitting underneath of bonnet

Midas XP781 - Mileage

  • XP781 - Mileage

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