The restoration begins

Bought in 2019, the car is due to be restored with care, affection and due attention to its history.
  • Research, research and more research. Obtaining information on the donor car. The Mini 1275 GT in XP781’s case.

    As you can see, this website is full of research. Had a bit of a donor car research blitz lately. […]
  • Cosmic wheels get correct 4 inch Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)

    XP781’s original wheels were the Cosmic Mk4. Having tracked down a set, that miraculously included a spare and four centre […]
  • Block sanding begins. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) madness

    Yes, I know I look daft and the get up is perhaps overkill for sanding a car. However, if you […]
  • Strategy for painting is coming together

    After many hours/days/months of research am going to paint car in cellulose. The Midas was red self-coloured GRP. Red often […]
  • Midas badge re-created in CAD

    Two badges will be required. Alistair Courtney – – kindly lent me a badge to reverse engineer. I understand […]
  • A post to appease DVLA – VIN plate

    At the request of DVLA have taken some pictures of VIN plate. Top tips when buying a vehicle and starting […]
  • Correct style Cosmic wheels located and recorded in CAD

    A variety of wheels were fitted to XP781, but the restoration is going to use the first style fitted. This […]
  • XP781 arrives at restoration location

    Felt a bit worried about height of car on trailer, but all worked fine. Tip for anyone making a dolly […]
  • The strip down is completed

    Another stage completed. Car on a dolly.
  • The strip down begins #2

    Much recording of tear down in order to enable easier re-assembly and so DVLA have a record of car.
  • The strip down begins – #1

    Midas XP781 enters the you need to break an egg to make an omelette phase.
  • Spare engine collected

    Spare engine on return from collection from Trevor Dixon the previous owner of XP781.  
  • Midas XP781 – Condition as first viewed

    First real life view of XP781 was at a Midas Club meeting on 21st July 2019. Venue was Alistair Courtney’s […]

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