A post to appease DVLA – VIN plate

31st December 2019 - A post to appease DVLA – VIN plate

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At the request of DVLA have taken some pictures of VIN plate.

Top tips when buying a vehicle and starting a restoration:

  1. If the car you are buying has a buff log book, V5, old style blue coloured V5C or is dismantled at purchase. DO NOT BUY unless the owner has applied and received a new red V5C. The DVLA clearly laid out the reasons why in this link – https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dvla-encourages-motorists-to-get-a-red-vehicle-registration-certificate – almost six years ago. Have to admit it has passed me by, so a heads up to whoever reads this. Also, some pre V5C, of any type, cars are not even on the DVLA database.
  2. If you don’t have a red V5C, DO NOT dismantle your car for restoration until you have recieved a red V5C from DVLA. Again, I did not know this and thankfully my car has extensive history to prove it is what it is. I dread to think the position I would be in if I had restored a barn find car with no history and THEN applied for logbook. If you have dismantled, as I had, once DVLA are happy you will get a letter confirming the log book is being withheld until the car is in a roadworthy condition. In other words put back together and MOTable.