Strategy for painting is coming together

28th January 2020 - Strategy for painting is coming together

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After many hours/days/months of research am going to paint car in cellulose. The Midas was red self-coloured GRP. Red often fades badly, and there are many reasons not to use cellulose, but I feel it creates an effect more in keeping with era.

The boot lid above has been painted with cellulose on the left and two pack on right. Same colour.

Above is the Midas back in 1979.

At stage of getting all the kit together…

The equipment chosen so and delivered/awaiting delivery is:

Facom block sanders

Durablock blocking kit

Soft Sanders blocking kit

Sandpaper (wet and dry) from Soft Sanders

Bosch dust vacuum (dust class M)

Apollo Precision 5 – HVLP Turbine

Cellulose and primer from Advanced Paints

PPE – 3M including a superb face mask the 3M 6000 series full face mask

Fibreglass supplies from East Coast Fibreglass Supplies

…and a whole heap of modifications to garage to keep vented, as dust free as possible and to ensure health and safety up to scratch. Links attached to above if it helps. Tried to do as much research as I could and obtain the best equipment to use in the best environment I could create.

Another way of putting it is that I feel like someone who has read everything about tennis but never played the game. I need to leverage every aspect of process to make up for lack of experience.

For reading material, if it helps I would recommend Osprey Restoration Guides 3 and 4 being paintwork and fibreglass bodywork. Both by Lotus specialist Miles Wilkins. Also Kit Cars magazine August 1982.

Also bought from Amazon Kindle, A Practical Guide to Vehicle Refinishing by Julian Woodstock and Car Painting by Matthew Jones and Ian Taylor.

YouTube channels that worked for me are The Gunman, anything featuring Kevin Tetz of Eastwood Company and the bizarre and pretty sweary DIY Auto School.

In a subject full of polarised opinions, the above help me re system to use, time to leave car standing between coats, temperature, health and safety and persuaded me not to use chemical stripper.